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As passionate German Shepherd enthusiasts, we are dedicated to preserving our quality and
offering very well bred German Shepherd puppies with solid hip backgrounds and stable
temperaments to the public. Our pricing for the quality we have & effort put into our litters is
extremely reasonable-we provide pedigree links for you to see for yourself. Browse our
website, take a look at our dogs and read about how we do things here at Richthofen--then
you'll see
why we're the place to come for a true quality GSD for your family with lots of
thought put into the breeding
long before a litter arrives.
* Associates Degree cum laude from Shawnee State University(1995) w/ special
studies in Animal Biology, Animal Anatomy, and Genetics
* Officer of the Phi Theta Kappa Chapter of SSU Gamma Epsilon 1993-1995
* Therapy Dogs International, Inc. -Associate Member &
 TDI Evaluator
*Licensed AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator (Current licensing good thru Sept 2017)
* UKC Mount Pleasant Kennel Club in Lancaster, Ohio (Since 2005)
* Proud Board Member & AKC Public Educational Coordinator for the AKC German Shepherd
Dog Club of Central Ohio, Inc;
 8X '09 - '16 National Award Winning Editor of the GSDC of
Central Ohio's Newsletter
Guidelines [2nd place in '09, 1st place '10-16]
* Associate Member of the Ohio Federated Humane Societies  (since 2007)
* Listings on I-Show
and on the Worldwide Reputable Breeder List
* Successful Direct Importing of German Shepherd Dogs & Puppies and
full knowledge to get imported German Shepherds efficiently registered
with the American Kennel Club-we've done AKC registrations from
Canada, Germany, Czech Republic,  & Hungary, including AKC registering of
a litter bred overseas but whelped here in the United States (since 2006).
*  Member of the Southern Ohio All Breed Dog Club in Portsmouth, Ohio (UKC)
* AKC Canine Ambassador for SOABDC since 2013
* Member, AKC Licking River Kennel Club
 Kathi Jo & Brandon are approved UKC S.P.O.T. Evaluators
 Professional Blogger for Tails, Inc. magazine
4H Dog Show Judges for the state of Ohio  - Kathi Jo and Brandon
* NEW: Pet First Aid & CPR Certification Renewal for 2017 - Kathi Jo & Brandon    
    Zornes at Jackson EMS  4/21/2017 6-9pm under Lori Simonton
Here at Richthofen, we have the following Credentials & Active Associations
We actively participate in showing, competing, therapy dog visits, training, & trialing with our dogs.
~We have Plenty of References Available Upon Request ~
Veterinarians, Bomb Detection Units, Trainers, Competitors, Happy Pet Owners, & Plenty More
Richthofen German Shepherds
Proven Affordable AKC Quality in Ohio
Kevin & Kathi Jo
Brandon & Allison
1885 Kizzie Run Rd
Rarden, Ohio
Scioto County
*~Southern Ohio All Breed Dog Club ~*
Spring 2017 Dog Training Classes- Currently Ongoing at Glendale
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You can also now follow the SOABDC's upcoming events on
April 22, 2017
2 1/2 yr old spayed & trained Black
Female Available-See Contact Us Page
Blk/Red Quality Litter Due Mid-May -
Halo/Sascha repeat breeding!
I just wanted to give an update on Harley (Xander's brother).  Today he is 4 months old/38lbs.  Harley is the joy of our life.  We
take him every place we go
and his coat is so shiny. He is also so friendly with everyone.  He was easy to house break & loves to
and eat. I guess what I am trying to say, Harley is our pride and joy.  We have been blessed-he is so beautiful.  Everyone he
meets he loves &
everyone that meets him loves him. Thank you so much for this part of our family! -M & L Curry
"I want to thank you so much for our puppies. They are the best & easiest we have ever had.  We can tell you have definitely put time
into them
.  They don't whine at night, they know their names & are very well mannered. We were expecting regular pups but definitely did
not receive them.  We expected to not sleep much for the first week or so. We slept perfect the first night.
Wow!!  We are truly amazed by
our girls.  
They adjusted to our family the first day, which we think is unbelievable.  We thought it would be quite the adjustment for them
coming home to three smaller children.  But, to our surprise, not at all.  
These puppies have been a dream to bring home.  We don't know
how to thank you enough.  We expected the first couple of months to be quite hectic, but that has already proved wrong.
They are even
getting simple commands already
.  We are so truly impressed!  Your hard work with these puppies has made our lives much easier.  I
would be glad to pass your name on to anyone interested in a german shepherd puppy."  
C Hargrove about her Jada/Pyro daughters
Boeing is doing great-He is big, busy, beautiful, bold, nosy, protective of his mom, very gentle with people he knows and cautious
with those he does not know.
We love his personality! He is far more loving and cuddly than I thought he would be at home. Yet at
our store he is all business. He fits in both places
perfectly! - L. Delbert about Boeing, one of our Buszke/Halo sons born 4/2015
You have some very nice dogs and we both can tell that you are very involved & dedicated to producing some of the
best GSDs around.  --R & T White from Arkansas -REPEAT CLIENTS!
Here's just a few things people are saying about their quality AKC Richthofen
German Shepherd Puppies

To the Left: Allison and our first GSD, King Solomon's Wisdom CGC TDI
OFA-C DNA in Spring 1998 - A sharply intelligent blk/tan boy who lives on in
our impressive Xander and Phoenix!
We have
excellent high quality pink-papered solid black working lines combined
with some
top VA1 & VA2 German National-winning bloodlines, all hip/elbow
certified, solid tempered, extremely promising in the utility field!
Produced right here at Richthofen!
Above: Colonel Charles Beckwith "Beck"
AKC All American Dog
~ Therapy Dog Beck ~
Our very own beloved Beck has become one of
first dogs in Ohio to earn all 5 AKC
Therapy dog titles to the Distinguished Level
(THDD) as of Sept 25, 2014!  He's also been a
2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016 AKC
Nationals ACE Nominee! He has 9 AKC titles,
3 Therapy Dog Int. titles & 4 Trick Dog titles-
17 titles & counting by 7 1/2yrs old.
How's THAT for a mixed breed rescue pup
turned multi-titled beloved local therapy dog?
His story is truly touching!
His bio is in the Nov 2014 AKC Canine
Partners Newsletter as
Canine Partners dog in the State of Ohio to
earn the THDD title
Our Email Address:
Left:  Rick with Baron,
one of our Buszke/Halo
sons at 19 months old
Taken Nov 2016
He still has alot of filling
out yet to do!
Right: Arko vom
Richthofen, impressive
Uzit Bullinger/Eric
Kirschental son -He
looooves the water
in case you can't
tell! July
BELOW: 4 IMPRESSIVE Years of GSDCA Nationals 1st Place Wins!
2010 thru 2013 - Kathi Jo Zornes for the GSDC of Central Ohio, Inc.
AKC National level Rosettes below [Above Left is my NEW addition!]
[and we've added 5th & 6th & 7th for  2014 thru 2016!]
Bane had his first vet appt today and had a clean bill of health. I just registered him with AKC Animal Recovery
Database and that was pretty simple. He is
doing very well and has slept through the night since he arrived.I
checked with an Obedience trainer that I've known all my life and he will be joining a class in December or January
because he will still be to young in October when a new class begins thank you again! - R. Kelbough with a
Xander/Sascha son Bane Sept 2014
Wanted to give you an update on Greta. She went to the vet today and of course everyone fell in love with her. Lol.
Everything was good and they have all of her info and tattoo info. Thanks again for letting us buy her.
She has
brought a lot of joy and laughter to us already
. Money well spent.  -Coykendall with Xander/Sascha daughter 2014
Allison's Plaque for
earning 3 AKC titles on
her boy Cadmar,
Presented by the GSDC
of Central Ohio
Above: Buszke/Halo Babies Athena [legs crossed-such a diva!]
and Walter from our Thanksgiving 2016 Litter  
Photos taken 1/11/2017 6 1/2wks
Approved 2016 United Kennel Club  S.P.O.T. Evaluators
Kathi Jo Zornes & Brandon Zornes
IMPORTING SERVICES: If you would like to own an
import German Shepherd with an all titled & hip
certified pedigree, contact us for pricing & availability!
DM - Degenerative Myelopathy
HU- Hyperuricosuria [HU is
predisposition to Bladder/Kidney
Both are conditions that can genetically
affect German Shepherd Dogs
River vom Richthofen  
Buszke/Halo son
July 2016
Buszke/Halo Daughter 2016
Michelle with her
Lailana/Rex daughter
OFA-Good hips
having some cuddle
May 2016
Lailana/Rex daughter
Enga OFA-Good Hips

GSDCA   National
1st  Place  Oct  2016!!
Kathi Jo taught a well enjoyed class on Pet First Aid at the German Shepherd Dog Club of Central
Ohio, Inc. on
Tuesday, November 15, 2016 @ 7:00pm at the Ganyard Building of the Franklin Co
Fairgrounds after training class.  Photos are on Facebook!
Sarge went in to be neutered on Tuesday - during his visit we had a blood panel & hip x-ray baseline done for future reference. And we
thought we should share the thoughts the vet had. His
blood work was perfect and all within the normal ranges for all liver functions,
kidneys etc. Concerning his hips, she said he had some of the
deepest hip sockets she has ever seen & his hips are seated very nicely
in them. She doesn't foresee any issues whatsoever with his hips as he grows up
. Again, thank you so much for our boy! B & J Krouse
w/ Sarge, one of our Teagan/Xander sons -email rec'd 10/28/2016
Buszke/Halo son
Born Apr 2015
Bismarck & Lailana
CH Pyro/Lisa Pups