20 Years of Proven Excellence
To simplify things for you, we have designated the first part of this page to
explaining just how we do things here- what our puppies come
STANDARD with (regardless of price we charge), how we handle our
Risk-Free Reservation List & more. Due to how competition checks our
website on a regular basis, we won't tell you
ALL the goodies that come
with our puppies, but we will tell you the most important things you need to
know right here:
Richthofen German Shepherds
2018 Policies & Therapy Dog Beck
AKC Papers- Limited Breeding Rights (price & breeding varies) on hand at
pick-up time.
We do not offer breeding rights to outside people at higher
price, so please do not ask.
Born/Raised right in our home & subjected to all typical indoor living sights,
sounds, gentle handling from Day 1,  etc.
Raised with a medium sized dog & occasional cat so that they learn early to
respect & co-exist
peacefully with other animals in their new future home.
Beginning house-breaking & crate training started before they leave us.
Subjected to different walking surfaces and toys & called their name prior to
leaving for their new homes.
Licensed vet checking at 6 wks old-
we require our own puppies to get clean
bills of  health from our vet before we will even discuss pick-up/final sale of our
puppies at
8 wks old. Our puppies come with their vet-issued shot record from
our veterinarian office in their puppy packet from us. While this doesn't 100%
guarantee a vet can't miss conditions when checking pups at 6wks old, it's a
highly unlikely situation.
Tattooing in the right ear OR microchipping for permanent ID
5 Generation Pedigree (printed or link sent)
Copy of all paperwork provided put together neatly in a very nice puppy packet
Sample of the kibble we feed (Purina ProPlan FOCUS fpr Large Breed Pups)
1 year Hip/Health guarantee (will replace any that fail OFA Prelim done before
12 mos old in both hips w/ severe dysplasia) included with the expected usage
of the daily supplement  
NuVet Plus [see above left].
The use of NuVet Plus is required as a mandatory part of our 1 year
health guarantee-see the link with the bottle above left for specific
ordering information.
NuVet Plus Wafers: 1-800-474-7044
Source ID:91505 Green Label
Richthofen 20 Year
Anniversary Incentive
During our 20th Year Anniversary, we are
offering a
$50 AWARD to the first 5
Richthofen Clients that earn AKC or UKC
titles on their Richthofen GSD in 2018!
[Must List Kathi Jo Zornes as the breeder;
not valid for any stud service progeny]
1. AKC/UKC Title must be a Champion, or in
Rally, Obedience, Tracking, Agility, Herding, Barn Hunting, Herding, Therapy Dog Intermediate or higher, Trick
Dog,or any Euro-Conformation Rating SG or better, BH, etc.
[Sorry, AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy, CGC titles & THDN don't qualify]
2. This contest is only thru our 20th year; title must be earned between January 1st  - December 31st, 2018.
3. This is open to ALL AKC Richthofen GSD progeny ever produced-
all qualify as potential candidates.
To Prove You Qualify for the Award: It's Easy- Post/Tag us on your UKC/AKC title certificate on Facebook or send a
photo of your AKC title certificate to our email address
katjo74@juno.com !
Unlike most breeders, we have a risk-free reservation list! Due to the typical demand for our quality German
Shepherd puppies, we often have litters mostly sold by the time we actually whelp a planned litter. It is wise to
contact us early & let us know what color, gender & personality of puppy you would prefer & be prepared to
wait a bit. We will take your name & contact info and put you on our Reservation List-the list is
based off the order of contact.
NO DEPOSIT is taken/due to us
until we whelp a litter & confirm that we potentially have a puppy with your
specifications - usually when the pups are about 1 week old. We begin sending puppy pics to clients on a 1-2
week basis once the litter is whelped, so clients SEE the litter via pics prior to sending us money (this is why
we request email address).
We do not take anyone's deposit until we have a potential puppy to offer a
We ask in return for courtesy to other potential clients let us know if you change your mind and
decide to drop off our Reservation List so we can move others up. This way of doing things has
worked very well for us and shows that this is
not about money for us.
-it's our passion.
~ 2018 Richthofen GSD Puppy Reservation Policy ~
We don't allow visits to see pups or parents before the puppies are 4-5 wks to protect them from potential
disease & viruses, so please
do not ask. We don't always have both parents on the premises since many of our
quality GSDs in our program is fostered out to enjoy life with families, or we've used a stud dog who doesn't
belong to us or isn't in this country, so be aware of this. Pups are ready for pick up by new owners after their
licensed vet check when they're
8 weeks of age (vet check is done @ 6wks).
Balance for the puppy is to be paid in
CASH at the time of pick-up. NO EXCEPTIONS.
Puppies are required to be vet checked within 48 hours of pick-up as part of our health guarantee- if
you're serious about purchasing one of our puppies, contact your vet to set up a potential post pick-up
before you visit. It can always be cancelled if you don't purchase a puppy from us.
{We accept personal checks for paying your Deposit to Reserve your puppy}
We reserve the right to drop/refuse clients at any time.
Deposits: $100 for litters where parents are from our program in the US
$200 for litters where females are imported pregnant by titled & hip certified males.
Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE, except if we decide to not do business with someone. We don't take
deposits until we are sure we have a puppy to offer to you.
Our GSD Puppy Pricing is $700-1,500/ea & is told at the mentioning of the litter on our Contact Us Page.
~ We produce solid-boned traditional blk/reds, blk/tans, solid black & occasional bi-color & rarely sable. ~
~ All our GSDs have solid hip background & high quality breeding-most if not all pedigree links are provided
for your convenience to see for yourself ~
~Proudly producing a majority (85+% in some breedings) West German SHOW line solid black since 2006! ~
~ ALL of our German Shepherds are permanently ID'd. We do NOT approve of nor have aggressiveness OR timid
flightiness in ANY of our GSDs in our program. ~
~ Our breeding-aged GSDs fall within the German breed standard for overall acceptable size for their gender. ~
~ Our therapy dogs are given a blood & fecal test annually to ensure they're worm & lyme disease-free. ~
~We compete with & title our GSDs to show continued dedication for the level of quality we produce. ~
~ An established good reputation & knowledgeable support w/ GSD puppies & dogs. ~
Exclusive dedication to studying & following pedigrees & health issues of the GSD for 20yrs ~
~We help clients understand our breeding/bloodlines & help pick the best ideal puppy for your needs. ~
~Rescue Service for GSDs to keep them out of shelters & pounds for over 16 years now ! ~
~ We're adding ongoing certified OFA health clearances for our GSDs -Cardiac, DM, PT, HU + More

OFA Health Testings we do: Degenerative Myelopathy [DM], Cardiac, Patellar, Hypouricosuria, Thyroid
Foreign Health Testings: a-stamp for hips, ED-normal for elbows
Still Have Questions? Feel free to contact us-we will gladly provide documentation on any claims we make
concerning health clearances, titles, certifications, pedigrees, etc. By all means, whether you decide to
purchase a Richthofen puppy or not, we heartily encourage puppy buyers to do their research and understand
that there are different factions within this one breed (& they produce something different-some high drive,
some stronger tempered, some laid back, etc). Find a breeder who has an updated &
ongoing working
knowledge of these differences
in bloodlines, understands pedigree compatibility & stresses proper puppy
. We have this ongoing knowledge & experience and will not sell clients a puppy who is not
decently suitable for their situation.We are truly dedicated to keeping our quality high but pricing reasonable.
We know there's plenty of breeders who charge more than us and don't have the quality we have.
We are far more than just a small breeding program....
Richthofen provides puppies for training as ESAs to assist veterans with PTSD.
Richthofen supports local 4H Dog Clubs w/ educational materials and veterans thru
Russell D. Williams American Legion Auxiliary Unit 471 in the 7th District.
Richthofen has done German Shepherd Rescue for over 16 years.
Therapy Dog Beck: The Mixed Breed Dog's Champion
This is my opportunity to tell you about the most amazing, beloved mixed breed rescue we have ever had the honor of sharing our
lives with-Therapy Dog Beck. Born December 24, 2009, Beck was just a tiny Beagle/English Setter mix puppy that came into our
world at 5 1/2 weeks old because we thought he needed us. I couldn't have been more wrong-within 3 months of bringing Beck
home, my grandma Alice passed away from lymphoma-from her diagnosis to death was a blur of 8 weeks. During this difficult
tragedy, Beck consoled our family as we struggled to cope with this devastating loss.
This little unwanted nobody suddenly became a very needed somebody.
Seeing what great help he was to us during this difficult time, we decided that we wanted to share him with our southern Ohio
community. Beck was therapy dog certified in Cincinnati in July 2011. He has comical antics, so in his training, we taught him to do
things that kids would enjoy-shake hands, do high five, "dig" to China, speak, and he can even "read" a book to the
kids if he's in the right mood. His attitude is perfect for raising spirits and inspiring smiles.
Earning titles began in 2011 for Beck, and he's been adding them over the years since he became a therapy dog-most of his titles
are somehow related to his volunteer work in our communities. As a puppy socializer and comic, he has been known to sit in
the laps of people visiting to pick out their GSD puppy-he doesn't understand why it's not all about HIM!
At 8 years old now, our beloved GSD puppy socializer has earned
26 titles & has 7 AKC National Award of
Canine Excellence nominations for the therapy dog work he does throughout our region, been the Grand Prize winner as the Best
Reds Dressed Dog at a Cincinnati Reds Bark in the Park baseball game, been best Trick Dog at the Jackson Dog Pound's Pound
Puppy Reunion Event, was honored at the Chillicothe Paints Bark in the Park baseball game, was recognized as the AKC Pet
Partner's 1st mixed breed in the state of Ohio to win the AKC's Distinguished Therapy Dog title for 400+ documented therapy dog
visits. He's shook hands with New York Times Best Selling Author Eric Blehm who did a photo shoot with Beck to promote his
Legend, and a WHOLE lot more. I could go on and on about our canine soulmate-our beloved Beck.
Officially, he is now:
RBIS Colonel Charles Beckwith  "Therapy Dog Beck"

In realistic summary, breeding live animals is NOT a perfected science. While diligent care & effort is put forth to select
healthy dogs for our program with solid nerves, harmonious type & quality pedigree breeding, that doesn't mean that issues
cannot ever develop. If we see, hear of such, or feel there's issues w/ a combination, it
won't be repeated again here at
Richthofen, and the root cause will be identified & removed promptly from our program. We have been very blessed to have
made several excellent quality combinations over the past 20 years!