20 Years of Proven Excellence
Richthofen German Shepherds
Our Quality Males
Viernheimi Mike [HUN] S.T.A.R. Puppy CGC
OFA HU-Clear DNA  Rex's Pedigree
V Alex von den Schwarzen Seeperlen SchH3 FH2 IPO3 AD KKL1a
x V Viernheimi Girl VK1 AD KKL1a
Solid Black Full Working Line Import    25"  96lbs   05/2010
While Rex is full working lines, he is not insane on drive like some
working line bloodlines can be. He has an impressive all titled & hip
certified pedigree backing him, and he has good, solid nerve & build to
briing our program. His progeny display intelligence & well balanced
conformation that we like to see in Richthofen GSDs. He is the product
of 2 uncommon V-rated
solid black parents Alex & Girl, so he is very
selectively bred here.
We have bred him for his last time to
Maleficent for a litter hopefully due in mid October 2018.
All of our Quality AKC German Shepherd males
have nice European quality breeding backing them
with pedigrees full of titled & hip certified dogs.
They are healthy, solid representatives of their
bloodlines themselves. Most if not all of our stud
dogs also have various OFA health clearances
backing them as well-our most active stud dogs
Cadmar & Halo are both  
DM-Clear. They are
also AKC DNA profiled for integrity of our
program.While these stud dogs listed are in our
program, they don't necessarily live on our
premises. Most are fostered out to enjoy life as a
family dog until needed. This works very well for us
and our program.
Richthofen dogs are family-oriented!
BIS Kenshin's Cadmar vom Ricthofen CGC TDI CGCA RN CH ptd
OFA DM-Clear  HU-Clear  Cardiac-Clear  Patellar-Clear DNA   Cadmar Pedigree
Romulus vom Richthhofen CGC OFA-C DNA x Mina vom Richthofen DNA
Solid Black Euro Show/Working Combo   26"  100lbs     4/2013
Cadmar is truly an impressive German Shepherd of amazing quality & attributes, produced right here in our own
program. His pedigree has links back to
V Sherry vom Kirschental SchH3 HGH KKL1a, 2X VA1 Larus von Batu
SchH3 AD KKL1a, VA1 Urban v Glerisenauer SchloB SchH3 AD KKL1a  as well as older working lines of Chuna
Policia & others. Our Cadmar is also a Richthofen's Buszke grandson, carrying on her lineage & quality as well.
Cadmar as very smooth, calmer disposition as a therapy dog, but enjoys training, LOVES toys and doing what we
ask of him. He's placed 2nd every time he's went for legs of his Rally title, and has done impressive limited showing
in both UKC & AKC Conformation with Class, Group & Best of Show wins.
Cadmar is Phoenix's Sire.
He has sharply intelligent progeny who are doing well at herding, obedience & therapy dog training.
Viernheimi Hallo [HUN]
OFA DM- Clear  HU-Clear DNA  Halo Pedigree
VA2 Gorby von Schwarzwald SchH2 IP2 AD KKl1a x V Viernheimi Dana VK1 AD KKL1a
Blk/Red Full Euro Show Line Import    26"    98lbs     11/2013
Halo is our richly pigmented, impressive traditional blk/red boy with a fabulous pedigree full of high ranking VA
conformation-rated GSDs who are hip & elbow certified. Halo himself is a very smooth, gentle natured boy with
impressive size but kind disposition. He has richly pigmented blk/red progeny in our program who have already went
on to become therapy dogs & 4H Project Dogs, handled by children. Halo is a wonderful balance for some of the
show/working combo females we have in our program.
He is Chevy and Maleficent's Sire.
Razgriz's Chevy vom Richthofen  "Chevy"
No Health Tests Done Yet [will be when he's 12 mos]    Chevy's Pedigree
Viernheimi Hallo [HUN] DM-Clear HU-Clear x Richthofen's Buskze CGC TDI CH ptd
Traditional Blk/Red     Euro Show/Working Combo       11/2016
Retired Stud Dogs - Most found in our pedigrees
[Damian Anrebri ended up having DM so he was not bred in our program]
Retired Richthofen Stud Dogs:
[Photos at Bottom of Page]
Aragon vom Kirschental [GER] CGC TDI CH ptd [blk/red]
CH Ewiges Rote Pyro vom Richthofen CGC TDI  [blk/red]
King Solomon's Wisdom CGC TDI  [blk/tan]
Kohle vom Ritter Strasse CGC TDI CH ptd [blk]
Romulus vom Richthofen CGC  [blk/red]
SG Damian Anrebri ZV2 FPr3 IP2 AD CGC TDI  KKL1a
[Czech] sable
CH Pyro
Aragon vom
Kirschental [GER]
Damian Anrebri [Czech]
Brandon & Py showing for Best of Herding Group
6 wks
Richthofen's Chris Cornell of Razgriz  "Chris"
V Shano Team von der Familien Schafer IPO AD KKL1a x SG Sindy von Nord Wind DM & HU Clear
We've retained breeding rights on Chris out of this truly amazing combination.
Blk/Red       Full WGR Show Line Male       DOB: 6/13/2017
Cadmar's solid
black Sascha
son Max did
great showing in
the Seneca
County Fair 4H
Dog Show in July
Sindy/Shano boys
To the Right:

Chris is fostered
for our program
us to maintain
breeding rights
with for a while
Rex and his progeny/grand progeny
LOVE water!