20 Years of Proven Excellence
Ewiges Rote Hope vom Richthofen CGC CGCA  
 OFA HU-Clear DNA Sascha Pedigree
Viernheimi Mike [HUN] CGC OFA HU DNA x Lailana vom Richthofen CH ptd DNA
Traditional Blk/Tan    Show/Working Combo      25"  75lbs    2/2012
Sascha has been an amazing producer w/ some of the sharpest minded
I've seen since Uzzie's pups. Sascha herself can speak, shake
hands & do a number of commands. Some of her progeny have been
reported fetching toys & learning to shake hands & other things well by

4 mos
old. She has progeny who are therapy dog certified, bomb
detection dogs, are titled in Rally, are successful 4H project dogs, PTSD
Service Dogs & alot more. Her bloodlines include 2x VA1 Yasko
Farbenspeil SchH3,2xVA1 Ernie Hofjagerhaus SchH3, V Alex von den
Schwarzen Seeperlen SchH3 FH2 IPO3 AD KKl1a & plenty more.

Sascha has done her part for Richthofen and has been RETIRED from
our program effective Aug 2018.
Richthofen German Shepherds
Our Classy Girls
Kenshin's Ewiges Rote Haiku vom Richthofen "Phoenix"
OFA DM- Clear    HU- Clear   2 1/2 yrs old   Phoenix Pedigree
BIS Kenshin's Cadmar vom Richthofen CGC TDI RN CGCA x Ewiges Rote Amore vom Richthofen
Solid Black Show/Working Combo        25"     73lbs         2/2016        
Our black beauty Phoenix is extremely well bred, being the product of several generations of our Richthofen GSDs
and imports we've brought in over the past 10 years all brought together. She has a calmly focused herding drive,
loves to goof off with other dogs, romps her toys, and has
exceptional bone much like her great-Grandma Buszke
whom she is line-bred on [see photo above of Buszke]. Phoenix is protective also, keeping an eye on things
whenever she is out in the yard. She is true to color, no white anywhere.
Maleficent vom Richthofen
OFA Cardiac-Clear   Patellar - Clear
Viernheimi Hallo [HUN] DM-Clear DNA x Richthofen's Buszke CGC TDI CH ptd DNA
Traditional Blk/Red Show/Working Combo      25"     80lbs          11/2015
Mal is the top pick female from our Buszke/Halo litter we produced in November 2015. She is well mannered, gentle
with children, good around other dogs, and has rich blk/red pigment w/ a dark masked face. She has a fun, playful
yet sweet and easy-going personality and loves to be out and about with her family. She is backed by impressive
titled & hip certified breeding, being granddaughter of
National Vice Sieger VA2 Gorby Schwarzwald SchH2
on one side & National Vice Sieger VA2 Viernhiemi Urma VK3 AD KKl1a on the other!
This is Buszke,
Mal's Mom & the female
Phoenix is line-bred on
26" tall    88lbs
also Cadmar's Grandma
Why do we have alot of show/working
combos in our pedigrees, rather than full
working or show lines?
This is a great
question. We have pulled from the best of both
worlds to produce "outcross" breedings which
have less problems w/ skin allergies, ear
problems, digestive issues & so forth that

plaques this breed. This, combined
with NuVet Plus, has enabled us to produce a
high quality AKC German Shepherd Dog who is
versatile for about anything, relatively few to no
allergies & to be enjoyed by the entire family.
While we cannot 100% eradicate
all potential
issues that abound within this great breed, we
minimize the effects by what we do. We are
proud of our progeny & we have many happy
families as a living testament to what we do.  
SG Sindy vom Nord Wind [HUN] DNA
a2 fast normal hips    ED - normal elbows  OFA Cardiac-Clear N/N  DM-Clear  HU-Clear    Sindy Pedigree
SG1 Weko von Bad Boll IPO2 AD KKL1a x VA2 Ivett von Nord Wind SchH1 AD KKL1a
Traditional Blk/Red Full WGR Show Line Import         25 1/2"   75lbs       3/2016
Our lovely Sindy is our newest import, full West German show line girl. She has a very smooth, gentle disposition, enjoys
showing, and is a true gem with people & other dogs and is very similar in type to our CH Pyro from 8 years ago-Brandon
oves this girl and has plans for her to make some accomplishments here in the US. Sindy earned her SG conformation rating
in regional shows, and has ceritfied hips & elbows. She also has the
sable V Gismo vom Butjenter Land as her grandfather.
Retired Richthofen Dams:
Uzit v Bullinger CGC TDI RN TC OFA-Good
Hips DM-Clear CH Ptd [CAN]
Mina vom Richthofen HU-Clear [blk/red]
Richthofen's Buszke CGC TDI CH ptd
Ewiges Rote Amore v Richthofen [blk]
Anni vom Haus Archard DNA [blk]
Wilka Haven's Hope of Dwyer Hills
OFA H/E [black]
Jada vom Haus Evans CGC TDI [blk]
Lisa vom Polarkreis [GER] DNA
Mina vom Richthofen
Uzit v Bullinger [CAN]
 Phoenix is built well, very intelligent & disposition, getting
along with both male & female GSDs.
She is great with
people, kids, never been with smaller animals
. She baths
& we can trim her nails without issues. She loves to
play and be active, is house broken, crate trained & she's
a natural protector. She has exceptional bone and nice
overall balanced conformation, making her a very nice
pairing with
a WGR show line pedigree sire. We have
fostered Phoenix out west for the possible opportunity to
tap into some excellent bloodlines out there. We'll post
when we have updates for her!
Maleficent has  just
bred to our
impressive solid
black import male
Viernheimi Mike CGC
DNA "Rex"
in ;ate
2018 for a super
AKC Litter w/ both
solid black & blk/red
pups expected
To see the pedigree
for their litter click
the GSD below:
Xander/Sascha Daughter
Strong & Solid Built
Ewiges Rote Mystery
vom Richthofen
Richthofen's Xtortionist of Razgriz  "Tori"
GenSol Diagnostics/OFA Pending   DM N/N Clear   HU N/N Clear
V Shano Team von der Familien Schafer IPO AD KKL1a x SG Sindy von Nord Wind
Blk/Red Female       Full WGR Show Line     DOB: 6/13/2017
Our Miss Tori is a nice combination of Hungarian and Serbian Show bloodlines,
known for their exceptional structure and conformation. She has rich pigment
and is a fiesty addition to our program!